Monday, July 08, 2013

I Am Link

--- Dirty Wars - Missed this last week but here's what I think is the first commercial for Bong Joon-ho's upcoming movie Snowpiercer, which I am very much looking forward to. It stars Chris Evans and Jamie Bell and Tilda Swinton, huzzah. There are also some pictures over here. I do hope that he makes all the brown griminess work for it - it's seeming a little bit visually exhausting at this point. Tilda looks as if she stirs that up some. (Of course she would.)

--- My Sodom - Well this is probably going to court some controversy - Abel Ferrera, the director of Bad Lieutenant, is going to make a bio-pic about Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini, the man (and homosexual, it should be noted) who made Salo amongst other beautiful and horrifying and oft anti-fascist screeds, and Willem Dafoe is going to play him. Because we needed a reminder that Willem Dafoe is way more hardcore and cool than we are.

--- It's Alive -  The Playlist attempts to keep some track of Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming projects here while giving us the news that he wants Benedict Cumberbatch to star in a new version of Frankenstein for him to direct, but I feel like there are at least fifteen projects they aren't mentioning. Cumberbatch has already played the role on stage for Danny Boyle.

--- Five To Dream - At that same link is word that Del Toro has no less than Charlie Kaufman working on a script for Slaughterhouse Five... as if that sentence isn't enough to dig its hands in your ears, scoop out your brain, plop it on the floor, and stomp it to death. Coolness overload.

--- Neil's Song - Kick-ass news right here - director Neil Marshall will be directing the fourth season finale of A Game of Thrones. He directed the second season episode "Blackwater" - the one with the giant battle (boats go kabluey). I have no idea where they'll be ending the next season even though I have read the books - the way they're shuffling events around at this point could go anywhere.

--- Park Ranger - It's not much but Slash has a few quotes from Colin Trevorrow, the director of the fourth Jurassic Park film to be, that at least show he's got a hard-on for the material. We all do, dude! And we are watching you. The little bit that I've heard about where they're taking things sounds promising to me, though.

--- Happy Endings - David Fincher might be remaking another British TV series - this one's called Utopia and it's about "a group of people who have their hands on a cult graphic novel called The Utopia Experiments which seems to have predicted various disasters; a group known as The Network tries to hunt them down as the group tries to prevent the next predicted disaster from taking place." Anyone seen the original series? For the remake, Rian Johnson might also be writing it. So wow, that's some pedigree. Here's where I admit I still haven't watched House of Cards.

--- And finally, only when I'm away would somebody get the jump on me with this sort of thing! Thanks to The Film Experience for the heads-up then - Chris Pratt instagrammed this picture of himself over the weekend back in his Zero Dark Thirty sorta shape - he even managed to be charming and modest about the douchiness of doing such a thing, somehow. We can assume this is for his starring role in the upcoming Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Anna Faris is a lucky lucky woman.


zyzzyva said...

Now will he be Dr Frankenstein or Frankenstein the monster...? I saw both iterations of the Boyle play, and the Cumberbatch/Doctor JonnyLeeMiller/Monster was the better version. Though honestly in great part due to the shoutyness of Miller's Doctor... Also the more interesting dynamic created by having a younger doctor to an older monster-- boy playing God and all.

mangrove said...

utopia is amazing, managing to be scary and psychologically violent while keeping all the violence off-screen. Kids being massacred left and right though, so I don't know how that would make it to US screens. You'll never look at a spoon the same way!

bcarter3 said...

Utopia. Oh, god yes! It's in my top 3 TV series of 2013, along with Game of Thrones and Mad Men--the best thing to come out of the UK this year.

It's ultra violent. The first episode has an unwatchable torture sequence, and innocent people are killed left and right. It's also incredibly beautiful, with gorgeous settings and saturated colours. And the characters are fully developed.

As with In the Flesh, another great 2013 UK series, the final episode satisfyingly answers some of the key questions, but leaves plenty of subplots and interesting characters to be explored in future series.

Absolutely brilliant.

PS Second series have been commissioned for both Utopia and In the Flesh.

Monet said...

Can there please be a law made which stipulates that Willem Dafoe is not allowed to leave his house without covering his face. Seriously, I wish it could be legal for him to marry a muslim man just so he could be forced to wear a burka.

What I'm trying to say is, Willem Dafoe is too fucking ugly to make movies. He was an ugly fucker when he played that Buddhist Jew in the 80s but he's only gotten more monstrous with age and it needs to stop.