Monday, July 29, 2013

I Am Link

--- Cox Sucker - Y'all know that Dracula movie they're making with Noted Homosexual Luke Evans as the Noted Bloodsucker? Our beloved Dominic Cooper joined the cast back in May, so we were all set to pay attention to this even though Luke's closet hopping gives us a rash. Well now comes word that on top of Dom (oh we wish) they've added our beloved Charlie Cox to the cast too! Good grief! This might be too much for us to take without pressing our genitals against the movie screen. Too much, too much!

--- Ghostface Weekly - A pair of writers from Criminal Minds, which I know was a thing but beyond that you got me, have been hired to write the Scream television series for MTV. As far as anybody know, Wes Craven included, none of this has balls to do with Wes Craven. Or Kevin Williamson either, I think.

--- Spike Cinema - How many of the movies on Spike Lee's list of movies every film-maker should see have you seen? I'm at about three-quarters. He's got some great out-of-left-field picks on there - love the Dirty Pretty Things inclusion, for one.

--- Rider Strong - And speaking of Stephen Frears, he's apparently about to make a Lance Armstrong movie starring Ben Foster as the dope-riddled cyclist. I hope they get Jake Gyllenhaal to play himself! Seriously though in a post-Ain't Them Bodies Saints world I will watch Ben Foster in anything.

--- Baby Killer - Someone at NBC has decided to make a miniseries that is an "updated remake" of Rosemary's Baby. It will be set in Paris. I don't have anything to say about this right now that doesn't involve death threats so I'll just shut up. What's the point in working myself up anyway? The devil will get them.

--- Monster Island - If the new Godzilla movie is a success (and I can't imagine it not being, but then what do I know, Pacific Rim wasn't... sigh) then director Gareth Edwards wants to have the sequel be a remake of Destroy All Monsters, the 1968 film that brought all of the Kaiju together for one giant battle. I'd give anything for Ghidorah!

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