Friday, July 12, 2013

I Am Link

--- Baby Roar - Now that Pacific Rim is actually out in theaters and some of you no doubt saw it last night even... well I don't want to talk about it. Not until I see it, and I'm not seeing it until Sunday. Hearing people talk about it, having seen it, is making me sick with jealousy. That said, you should read this terrific little love letter to the original kaiju of Japan from Tim over at The Film Experience, it made me want to plunk down and watch them all weekend long.

--- Smells Like Rooney - Have you seen the new David Fincher-directed Calvin Klein commercial starring Rooney Mara? I really like it - it reminds me a lot of his Madonna videos from way back when. And like Jose it really made me want another Lisbeth Salander movie. I don't quite feel all hope's lost on that front, but the clock is certainly ticking.

--- Criss Crossed - Technically I should be attracted to Darren Criss, all the right parts are there, but all his mugging on Glee (which, granted, I don't even watch) has left a bitter taste. So I'm hoping Kristen Wiig can make me appreciate him in Girl Most Likely, her new movie. EW has a clip from the movie, involving shirtless him, heading us in the right direction.

--- Corny Monday - As a birthday present to me - that's how I'm choosing to read it anyway - Final Girl will be watching all eight (!!!) of the Children of the Corn movies in a marathon on Monday (aka my birthday) and writing up a lil' something something for each one as she trundles along the wheat and chaff. And corn. So much corn. Personally I know I have seen the first film but I don't remember squat (or is that squash? Eh? No? Okay) from it save that brown-haired boy (Malachi, right?) being super twatty.

--- Man Child - Sexy torture enthusiast Jason Clarke has just joined the cast of Tom Hardy's next movie Child 44, from the director of Safe House, which also stars Joel Kinnaman. That's a lot of man in one movie, yo.

--- Transylvania Everywhere - Zack McGowan, who I've seen more of than I ever needed to and I don't even technically watch Shameless, is going to play the head gypsy in the upcoming Dracula reboot - the movie one with Luke Evans and Dominic Cooper, not the TV one with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Thomas Krestchmann.

--- Freedom Fighter - Listen, I know how inappropriate it was for me to watch the teaser trailer for the Nelson Mandela bio-pic just to see if there was a hint of Idris Elba sexiness therein, okay? I don't need you to glare at me like that. Like Paula Deen, I is what I is! Good grief did I really just bring up Paula Deen in a Nelson Mandela story? (And for the record, there's no Idris Elba sexiness to be had.)

--- Hardcore Sharlto - We did just get to see Sharlto Copley's bum yesterday so you'll forgive me for thinking him starring in a movie called Hardcore could mean things it inevitably will not.It's actually going to be a "first person POV action movie" that Timur "Wanted" Bekmambetov is producing, so I think we can all picture what we're getting already.
--- And finally, I haven't bothered to watch this new clip from The Wolverine (via) seen down below yet but it's the clip where he runs away from an atomic blast and if you've seen any of the fifteen trailers they've released for the film then you know he's half naked while he does his running, so it's got that going for it. Why can't I summon any actual enthusiasm about this movie though? I really should care more than I do, but other than liking looking at Hugh I can't manage much oomph.

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will h said...

I'm just glad for more Final Girl posts! I've seen the first one and the one with Eva Mendes' mole.