Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good Morning, World

It feels like it's inexplicably been forever and a day since Ryan Kwanten got naked on True Blood - somebody with his body, it's a crime, a crime, to keep it covered up at all, ever -  so I'm happy to see Ye Olde Bum Of His was trotted out again this week. Well, see in pictures - I haven't seen the episode itself yet; I'm still terribly behind this season, I've only seen two episodes so far. 

Yesterday it was announced the show was renewed for a seventh season - sometimes I feel bad for Anna Paquin, thinking how nice it would be to see her in more movies, but then I realize she's probably making great money off of Sookie (not to mention all the hot guys she keeps getting to mack on season after season) and I stop feeling bad for Anna Paquin.

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