Monday, July 15, 2013

Good Morning, World

It's hard (heh) to make some insinuation here about that being me under the blanket there when Jake's looking so damned bored. It's a real catch twenty-two - on the one hand, Jake's penis, hooray! On the other, that reaction's no good for my rep. Oh what rep. Jake's penis, hooray! He can look as bored as he wants to, I'd still be winning. Happy birthday to me!

Oh and I wasn't sure at first what Jake gif I'd gift myself with so I made a couple of him in the shower in Jarhead too, which I'm just gonna throw after the jump cuz why not.


joel65913 said...

Happy Birthday! Jake is an excellent way to celebrate. Prefer the Jarhead pics but they're all good.

iggy said...

Ha! that gif is so funny!

Happpy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Love the site.

Tom Thomas said...

I'm hypnotized. I can't stop watching them. Mesmerizing.

Here's to your wish coming true... "Jake's penis, Hooray!" Happy birthday :)