Friday, July 12, 2013

Good Morning, World

And a happy 43rd (yes, he's forty-three) birthday to Lee Byung-hun, star of I Saw the Devil and the GI Joe Movies and the upcoming Red 2. We have gratuitized him a couple of times - see here and see here. He's one of our faves. I actually didn't have a clue he was in Red 2 until I saw him in a trailer the other day, and then when I was looking him up this morning for his birthday I found this quote from him about the film:

"It's going to be a fresh, exciting movie. I don't have just a revealing scene. I have a nude scene. It felt nice. I took it all off.

I worked out by myself without a trainer. I was in England for about 2 months and went to the nearby gym, but the trainer was busy, so he never made time. Later, I told him I was an actor, and he said that if that was true then he was a singer."

Alright that second paragraph is kind of sad, but the first one's not! He has shown his butt before - see right here - and I assume (def: making an ass out of him and him) that's what he's talking about since I doubt the PG-13 Hollywood action movie Red 2 will feature him strolling around like he's Michael Fassbender or something. Indeed a check of the IMDb "Parents Guide" for the film (which is apparently a thing, I am now learning) has this to say - "A man's rear end is seen, though mostly obscured." Thanks, Parents Guide! I think I'll use you from now on to know for the exact opposite of what you're actually there for - to see just how much nakedness I will be getting. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

do you mind posting screencaps of Tony Leung .I love asian men and just cant find his nudes,the clear one

Anonymous said...

Saw Red 2 this afternoon. The rear view is splendid...