Monday, July 22, 2013

Did You See The Conjuring This Weekend?

The movie did stellar business this weekend - it made forty million bucks! - so I assume some of you horror fiends did indeed see the new James Wan flick. I am curious what you thought! As you may recall I didn't like the movie very much when I saw it a few months ago, but that's not keeping me from being happy it was a success - James Wan has plenty of leftover good-will from Insidious (especially with the second one coming out this Fall) and he is dedicated to at least attempting to keep focus on character and atmosphere amongst all the boos. Anyway what do I know, the movie got terrific reviews. Did you love it like them? Or find it unfocused and half-planned like me?


Prospero said...

It was OK, but Wan should stick to only directing movies he's written with Leigh Whannel.

Anonymous said...

I wanted you to be wrong, dammit. But you were so right. It's not the worst movie ever by any means but it certainly wasn't what I hoped it could be. There were some great set-ups but in the end I didn't care about what was happening, and worse, didn't get caught up in any of the mythology or atmosphere that seemed half-assed anyway. Looking forward to the continuation of Insidious.

shaun said...

I enjoyed it more than the average fright flick. I wasn't crazy for the overt emphasis on christianity, but I forgave it that sin given the effectiveness of the set design and atmosphere overall. Wan knows how to use some creepy old toys -- that's for sure.