Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Am Link

--- Jumping Johnson - Somebody took pictures of Aaron Johnson on the set of Godzilla wearing a full-body jumpsuit and they didn't get one good shot of his ass! What is this world coming too? I'll have to do some scouring of the web see if maybe there are other shots out there, this is unacceptable. You can see Bryan Cranston at the link too, though.

--- Ne'er Do Welles - Everybody run to Amazon right quick (or you know your local bookstore, if you live somewhere where that still exists) and snap up a copy of the new book about Orson Welles called My Lunches With Orson: Conversations Between Henry Jaglom and Orson Welles, it sounds amazing based off of this pair of quotes from it in which he talks about Katharine Hepburn and Grace Kelly being big whores (and the former being delighted with herself for it) and how he hated Woody Allen. Apparently Jaglom recorded their lunches and voila now they're in book form.

---  No High - Ryan Reynolds is never going to be Highlander - he just dropped out of the reboot. What the hell is up with him these days anyway? Seems like he took the Green Lantern thing hard. That RIPD movie looks godawful too. Anyway can you believe I've never seen the original Highlander movie? I oughta do that some time, I guess.

--- Rogue Skippers - Jude Law and Scoot McNairy are teaming up for an underwater adventure movie called Black Sea, about searching for sunken loot with a submarine - I love that Law's character's described as "a rogue skipper." I wanna be a rogue skipper!

--- Mo Poe - Brad Anderson is a director I love that I've been having a rough time with lately - I couldn't even go see his last movie that 911-operator-thriller The Call with Halle Berry because ugh no. But it was sort of a hit, I think? Anyway he's lining up his next film and it actually sounds promising this time, hooray! It's an adaptation of an Edgar Allen Poe story called Eliza Graves. His cast is full of maybe-maybe-notsomuch's like Jim Sturgess and Kate Beckinsale though, so we'll have to see.

--- Back Seat Driver - Patrick Wilson and Chris Pine are starring in Joe Carnahan's Stretch, about a down-on-his-luck limo driver (Wilson) chauffeuring a billionaire (Pine) around the criminal underworld, or whatever. Model turned "actress" Brooklyn Decker, who gets to sleep with Andy Roddick in real life, has just joined the cast, inevitably there to break up the Pine-Wilson sexual tension, damn her.

--- Zods & Ends - In my review of Man of Steel yesterday I took issue with the ending for not (just) being out of character but specifically for being lazy - they didn't earn it. Well The Playlist has a couple quotes from David Goyer, the screenwriter, and yup, it sounds just as lazy as I figured it was. He sounds so proud of what he came up with, too! It's gross. They also round up their "Best & Worst" of the movie but I think they give Nolan too much credit and Snyder too much blame, personally.

--- Future Bum - And if you're not at all sick of superheroes yet, be glad about that and hold on to it, otherwise you'll go insane - for example, two more Amazing Spider-Man movies have been announced and given release dates already, even though the second film isn't out until next year. I guess Andrew Garfield can go ahead and buy that villa, but he better keep doing his squats, too.

--- And finally, Greta Gerwig on Letterman last night. (thx Mac)



Joey said...

Aaron Johnson totally looks like Tom Hardy in that pic. I am totally ok with that.

TB said...

Ugh Greta Gerwig. Please come be my best friend now!

Roark said...

She's so cute, and you can tell Dave actually likes her and is having fun in the interview, which is... not especially common these days.

John said...

I can look @Ryan Reynolds in that clip and movie all day, I know it's shallow.