Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Good Morning, Danes

And I thought it was exciting finding out last week that Alexander Skarsgard and Joel Kinnaman are real world buddies - did you know that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Mads Mikkelsen played really good friends reunited in a 1998 movie called Vildspor (translated Wildlife) back in their homeland? 

And what with them being all, you know, European and all, they express this friendship by constantly groping at each other. 

That gif I posted last night of Nikolaj enjoying his champagne is from this movie; indeed I could post about oh let's say an hour and a half's worth of gifs from it... but yes that would be the entire movie. But they both are so young (this is Nikolaj only a year after he made out with Clive Owen in Bent) and supple and touchy feely therein... it's really something. Hit the jump - I didn't quite do the entire movie but let's call it a Whitman's Sampler of gratuity...

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amola-tesouras said...

I suddenly want to move to Denmark.