Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Return of the Suspicious Underpants

Well it's about time, Joel Mchale. (via)


Male Body Inspector said...

I honestly don't know how anyone can find that wonky body sexy. It looks like the kind of body you'd find on someone who's been overweight their entire life and then suddenly took a year off to lose weight and get in shape...or no wait better yet, the kind of body you'd find on a female to male transsexual, right?

Bulges (hips) and lose skin (top section of his abs) and pooches (the area surrounding the navel) and weird uneven musculature (that pec situation), things you never see on hot young muscular yeah, basically what a 40 year old would look like if they suddenly had the urge to "get muscles" after a life time of not having muscles.

Anonymous said...

The person above is obviously an idiot.

Lars said...

Well, his body is not perfect, MBI, but at least he has the urge to get in shape instead of you, sitting behind the internet, and being judgmental and nasty!

Male Body Inspector said...

And you Anonymous are a cunt...with bad eyesight. That, is not a good looking body, no matter which way you look at it and someone should tell this poor bastard because he's making a fool of himself. I wish people with average bodies would just learn to keep their goddamn clothes on.

JA said...

Okay a) cool it with the name calling. And 2) it's impossible to explain attraction, it's either there or it isn't, and it hinges on the most random things - like a person being six and a half feet tall and terribly charming, or you could take for instance the way anything that might be attractive about someone just shrivels up and dies when that same someone says something as sad and small as "I wish people with average bodies would just learn to keep their goddamn clothes on." It's a diverse world, and in order to stay sane it's best we remember that. Sanity beckons.