Friday, May 17, 2013

I Am Link

--- Spy Inception - If I were a betting man (I most certainly am not) I'd wager something big against this ever happening, but let the geeks toes curl for a moment - rumors abound that Christopher Nolan is in talks with the James Bond producers to maybe direct the next Bond movie. He's already got a film lined up though - that one called Interstellar with Mtthew McConaughey, so I can't see this happening unless they feel like waiting three years for another Bond movie. But what the fuck do I know? Who the fuck am I? Exactly.

--- Sympathy For The Devil - The guys who made the gay-centric doc The Times of Harvey Milk (a masterpiece if ever there was one) and the gay-centric biopic Howl are set to turn their historically-inclined eyes upon anti-gay activist Anita Bryant, and Uma Thurman is going to star. This is crazy but really interesting news, right? Totally out of nowhere but I want to see this movie right now.
--- All About Adam - Hey I haven't mentioned Frances Ha in an hour or so, that's no good! Our pal Joe is talking about the actor Adam Driver over at Tribeca - Driver, best known for playing Adam on Girls, has a small but memorable part in Frances Ha, you know. We very much like him, we do.

--- And Speaking of people we very much like, Emily Blunt has landed the leading lady role in that Into the Woods musical with Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp (and maybe Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Pine!) for director Rob Marshall. Can she sing? Who cares! She's Emily Blunt! Alright alright musical-theater-fans don't get your panties in a bunch, I am only jesting.

--- Sexy Drifter - Garrett Hedlund has just replaced Jason Clarke in William Monahan's new movie called Mojave, which is about a "tortured artist who goes into the desert to sort his head out, only to come across a murderous drifter." I am attracted to both Clarke and Hedlund, though in very different ways - it's interesting to think on how they would play such a role differently.

--- Difrent Places - I saw Showgirls! The Musical! the other night - see, I took a picture! - and had a blast at it but I'm not going to review it since all I could really say is, "It's the tits!" Thankfully Rick Juzwiak wrote up more on it over at Gawker. If you're in New York and you love Verhoeven's stripper-bomb then you should definitely go see this.


Showgirls! The Musical! said...

"It's the Tits" We're totally using that on our press.

JA said...

Haha that would be INCREDIBLE

par3182 said...

can emily blunt sing??

Vesper said...

Christopher Nolan will direct the next Bond. Not too long ago the producers announced, shortly after Sam Mendes' departure, that people shouldn't expect a Bond movie for at least 4 years and I joked that they were probably waiting for Nolan's schedule to clear and whaddyaknow.