Monday, May 20, 2013

Aaron's All Cleaned Up

While I actually ended up enjoying Aaron Johnson's bleached frizzed and mustachioed look in the context of Anna Karenina far more than I anticipated when I first saw it in photographs, it's damn nice to see him shaved and trimmed and all that jazz for the new Godzilla movie. There's a big batch of pics from the set here. This look's a keeper, I must say. He's totally buffed up too, isn't he?


yourtherhoda said...

They grow up so quickly, don't they?

billybil said...

Lord I think he's another one I'm going to pine for in a very serious way. Oh lord he just keeps getting hotter. Lord.

John Fassbender-Gosling said...

His mother-wife must be so proud that her little boy has turned into quite the action star. Hopefully if Godzilla does well at the box office she'll take him and his 19 year old step-daughter out for some frozen yogurt.