Friday, April 12, 2013

What Are You Watching This Weekend?

I desperately want to see Antiviral (which we just talked about yesterday) but it's only showing at totally impossible times, so it might have to wait. I can't do those post-Midnight shows, I am too old for that shit.

As for To the Wonder, it actually sounds more off-putting to me than The Tree of Life ended up being so I might have to stay away - Malick will sucker me back when that Gosling/Fassbender movie comes out of course, but it appears he and I are not on good terms these days. Eh, I'll just go watch Badlands for a tenth time.

I can't really decide if 42 is worth the effort. Harrison Ford looks terrible in the trailer, and I'm tired of seeing Harrison Ford be terrible at this point. But Chadwick Boseman ain't too shabby.


pony said...

Worst case scenario, Antiviral is already available online.

Smith said...

pony beat me to it - its already on ITunes. that's how i plan to watch it tomorrow, even though caleb landry jones' arm freckles freak me out.

billybil said...

Chadwick Boseman has REAL presence on screen. I'd pay to watch him again for sure.