Monday, April 29, 2013

Viva La Vincent

(via) Vincent Cassel is forty-seven years old, and he probably eats wine and cigarettes for every meal of the day. Do you think it's sexing on Monica Bellucci? Is her lady business the fountain of youth? Discuss. And then hit the jump for eight more.

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ElleBbì said...

He doesn't have a very youthful appearance... is just thin.
Many people tend to think that only the beautiful take care of appearance... but in reality it's not so... This couple is an example: Cassel continually makes physical activity, never stops, I don't know if he drinks alcohol, but certainly doesn't smoke. Bellucci rather doesn't do physical activity, drinks wine when she wants to, and occasionally smokes a cigarette... (and she's two years older than him)

And who doesn't know her, assumes that she has done cosmetic surgery, but no one says the same thing about Cassel.. Why? Because she is beautiful despite age, and he has always been ugly...