Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Lil Mo Milo

Here are two more shots of Milo Ventimiglia bringing sweaty back in Kiss of the Damned, that horror movie from Xan Cassavettes that I posted the trailer to last week. It's out on demand now - have you watched it yet? It will hit theaters proper on May 3rd. I'm seeing it next week. We're definitely on a pro-Milo kick after he stormed the Gratuities full monty forward last week.

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Anonymous said...

Watched it over the weekend. First things first. For all the promise of nude sexy carryings on, this movie offers a bit of shirtlessness and Milo's butt and but not much else unless you like movies about bored euro trash who happen to be vampires. The movie riffs on those Hammer films from the 70's minus the camp values and there is nothing suspenseful or scary about it. I give it points for trying, but overall pretty much not worth the amount of time it takes to watch it either for artistic or pruient reasons. Wait for Netflix.