Monday, April 22, 2013

Good Morning, World

(click to embiggen) I had to watch Hannibal via DVR this week because of Tribeca Film Fest shenanigans, hence this being a couple days late - hey look, it's Hugh Dancy acting sans pants, hooray! We're halfway there! What did everyone think of the third episode? It keeps getting deeper into it all and more interesting to me - watching Lecter dance around mischievously and continually be impressed by Will's ability to keep right up and surprise him is a really twisted and fascinating dynamic, innit? And the more I come to love Dr. Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas' character) the more worried I get. She is not in a good place to be in this story. Jinkies. 

Anyway did you hear that the fourth episode isn't going to be airing because of the Boston bombings? It had a "violence + kids" storyline that they're uncomfortable showing right now, so they're skipping to the fifth episode. I totally understand, but unfortunately the episode we're skipping is the one with Molly Shannon in it! I believe it's airing overseas though so those of us with internet connections will find a way to see it, methinks...


MrJeffery said...

he looks good here methinks.

creamycamper said...

From previews it looks like he'll be in his underoos again this week. Great show but I'll admit it kind of scurs me.