Friday, April 26, 2013

Good Morning, Channing

Happy 33, Channing Tatum! It seems kind of crazy that good quality copies of these super old pictures of Channing Tatum have never surfaced, right? My guess is these are from when he was making the transition from male stripper to model - that most seedy spot in one's life where anybody with a zoom lens can make you a superstar. But hey, sometimes they're not bullshitting, and some ten plus years later you're The Sexiest Man Alive. Living the dream, this one. So like I was saying the copies that are online of these, save the one above, are either water-marked to hell or they are really really shitty quality, and I'd never posted them thinking eventually better quality ones would pop up, but I'm giving up my dream, I guess. Hit the jump for what there is.

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Young Hard Solo Scene 3 said...

This is clearly from the same kind of early '90s amateur jerk-off porn that Simon Rex infamously appeared in.

Wonder how much Chan's people paid this guy to destroy all the tapes and to never speak of it again?