Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Gif-rassic Park

As I announced on Twitter I saw Jurassic Park in 3D last evening; it was my 15th time seeing the film in the theater, but the first time in at least a decade since the last, and now with the newfangled third-dimension added on top.

Two things I realized watching it - One: it didn't need 3D added onto it at all. Indeed I found the 3D more distracting than useful; it kept forcing me to stare at shit in the foreground - a microscope! a branch! - that did not need to be stealing my focus. But if you love the movie as obsessively as I do then seeing it on the big screen is enough incentive to go this weekend when it's released no matter what; I don't recommend it otherwise though.

And two: this is a movie made for the age of the gif!

I've always loved that odd moment with Hammond covering Malcolm with the little blanket; it's just a throwaway actorly touch to work us back into their characters just as the phone rings, and you know they were all, "Well we need to be doing something when you cut back to us," and they came up with that, but it's so delicate and weird (Jeff Goldblum obviously had a nipple-wrangler making sure to keep at least one on display for the entire second half of the film) - you'll never unsee it now that I've pointed it out.

Anyway I could've made a thousand more, but I feel like I should save some juice for next week's edition of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" for the film over at The Film Experience, and for its 20th anniversary in June. But seriously. Gif-heaven. I mean it has Laura Dern reacting to shit all over the place!

You can't go wrong, I've been saying it for years. In summation, Bob Peck's legs in those safari short shorts of his remain an astonishing thing of beauty.


Murtada said...

I saw it yesterday too and my one takeaway was was who's that re bob pack? So funny to see you mention his muscled legs,,

Rob K. said...

Yeah, I might have to go and see this again - what a great time at the movies it was! I'll never forget the ripple in the cup of water and the matching shaking jello. I too had a crush on that actor's beautiful legs.

JA said...

That shot of him coming out of the door and walking towards the camera, this girl sitting behind me went "Daaaaaaamn." I silently echoed her thought.

mangrove said...

So cool to read that I was not alone in finding JP an erotic experience. First time I've seen it discussed as well!

John said...

I was working for KayBee toys, remember them?, back when this came out and we got in so many toys for it that I was sick of the movie and I only saw it thru Netflix a few months ago .I didn't know how scary it was (for the early 90's). I think it's great that we have this site to express these feelings isn't it?? Thanks MNNP and JA.