Thursday, April 04, 2013

Baz Gone Gatsby

(Mmm Joel Edgerton in jodhpurs.) When I saw The Place Beyond the Pines this past weekend I saw the last trailer for Baz Luhrman's The Great Gatsby again and it reminded me that I cannot possibly explain it with words but against all odds I am very much looking forward to this movie. Alright I suppose it's just this - Fitzgerald's book isn't going anywhere. It can still sit over there and be my favorite book. And honestly I think it's perfectly impossible to take that book and make an adaptation of it for movies that accomplishes what the book accomplishes so perfectly. So to my eyes this big loud 3D maelstrom that Baz has in store for us is just maybe trying to accomplish something totally different? And that something different looks big and loud and fun. And I'm just gonna roll with it. I've got my fingers crossed for good work from Joel Edgerton and Carey Mulligan and Isla Fisher, and it's totally possible that Leo and Tobey could surprise me. But I kinda just want Baz to immerse me in an Art Deco Wonderland too, ya know? Okay all blather aside, here's the brand new trailer for the movie. Be big, or go home!

5 comments: said...

Hollywood's never gotten "Gatsby" right.

I can see where the elusive title character might be hard to cast, but Daisy, the beautiful classy dreamgirl? Betty Field, Mia Farrow, Mira Sorvino? This is the best Hollywood could come up with?

My uber-dream cast for "The Great Gatsby" is 1955:
Brando as Gatsby, Grace Kelly as Daisy, Burt Lancaster as Tom, Ava Gardner as Jordan, Gloria Grahame as Myrtle, and Monty Clift as Nick Carraway. Directed by Cukor or Stevens.
Yes, the book is one of my faves and no I will not be seeing sweaty Leo as Gatsby!

Steven said...

I just tweeted about those jodhpurs and I thought, I bet if I check MNPP there will already be a gif up. Well done, sir.

Gabriel said...

I thought the previous trailer with Florence and the Machine's Bedroom Hymns couldn't be toped, but this one actually has a new song by FatM! Excited about this movie's soundtrack, I am.

shaun said...

Jodhpurs -- yum, a new fetish is born ;o)

Nan said...

Interesting and hilarious fact: Baz Luhrman is married to a woman.

And in related news, so is Bruce Weber.