Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ventimiglia of the Vampires

Have you guys seen the trailer for Kiss of the Damned yet? You can see it over at Apple. If the title didn't clue you in it's a total throwback to the lush vampire flicks of yore, yore meaning the Sixties and Seventies mainly (although it keeps making me think of The Hunger, which is so Eighties), when vampires were sexy and fabulous and dangerous, not to mention oft awfully sapphic. Promises of lesbianism aside the reason we're there is that pretty most manly piece ready for the draining Milo Ventimiglia, who's the star. It's from Xan Cassavetes - yes, the daughter of the dude who signed his infant over to Satan. Watching Rosemary's Baby must be totally weird in that house. Go watch the trailer! The movie hits demand on March 29 and then it's in theaters on May 3.

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Prospero said...

Very much reminded me of the Hammer vampire movies of the late 60's, early 70's.