Sunday, March 10, 2013

Timberlake Takes A Horse Ride

By request! Didja all watch Justin Timberlake's episode of SNL last evening? It was per usual one of the better episodes of the season; JT learns his bits, which always makes a big difference - making a bigger difference is the writers seemed to give a shit this week, and actually wrote jokes (well for the most part).

Anyway in one skit Taran Killan danced around in a horse head while in sluttiest little Roman skirt the world done ever seen (because that's what one does, natch), and here are caps, because we like Taran Killam, we do. Hit the jump for all of them!


James said...

They have GOT to find a reason to get him naked in every episode. GRRRRR.

Prospero said...

Kellan was the only reason to see the show's worst sketch. The Dating Game Show was nothing short of amazing.

ponby said...

I sprained my wrist jerking off a horse, I had to put ice on it. Then I put ice on a nice bottle of Moët & Chandon. Now who's the horse?