Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Origin of Gratuity

I'm not the only one who wants an Engineer of my own, right? Right. The one seen above, called the "Sacrifice Engineer," was played by Daniel James, who you can see below getting put into his prosthetics and what not - this is his only movie credit, and that is a shame. Give him a spin-off movie, please! Him and Fassy. Screw Noomi.

(click to embiggen) We're at the mid-point in the 2012 Golden Trousers and the horrific beefcake of the Engineers seemed a good double signal for things to come - tomorrow we'll be posting our favorite horror films of the year, as well as starting up what you've all been waiting for - The Great Gratuities! So stay tuned. 


Absolute pig said...

Although that guy in the last picture is quite handsome, I think he is not the actor who plays the engineer. The actor you're referring to has the name Daniel Twiss (Daniel James is your username). Here I leave a link to a photo of Daniel as Daniel ( PD. I love your blog, almost four years of film and gratuity. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Good lord, I thought the engineer was all CGI.

Anonymous said...

The bottom pic is of model Daniel Garofali. Love your blog!

JA said...

Whoops sorry for that. Tumblr lied to me! Fixed it.