Friday, March 15, 2013

Safety Definitely Not Guaranteed

One of the five people in the above picture were just chosen to direct the fourth Jurassic Park movie and no it is not Janet Snakehole, very rich widow with a terrible secret, much to my endless sadness. When will it be Janet's turn??? 

Ahem. The dude behind and left of Aubrey Plaza is named Colin Trevorrow and he directed Safety Not Guaranteed, the perfectly nice little indie comedy about weirdos falling in love and time travel, and now he is going to be handed a hundred million dollars or thereabouts to make the third sequel to a movie about rampaging dinosaurs on a tropical island. Makes sense!

I kid - I didn't adore SNG like some people seemed to but I certainly didn't hate it either, and I think it's awesome they're giving something this size to somebody who's proven himself attentive to relationships and dialogue and all of those things gigantic sci-fi spectacles are usually unfortunately not so much about. That's a very good thing! Hopefully he won't be swallowed up by the Hollywood machinery, is all. And now I just need to hear that Dr. Ellie Sattler is the center of this movie, and I will be ace. It is Laura Dern's time, y'all.

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