Friday, March 08, 2013

Putting The Homo In Hemlock

I just posted the trailer for Hemlock Grove - Eli Roth's werewolf series that's set to drop all of its episodes at once on Netflix in April - a minute ago, saying I hadn't watched it yet. Then I realized that this trailer's actually been around since January, and I actually posted it back then too... but I still hadn't watched it, that much was right.

Well now I watched it! And I think it looks like great fun - I knew Famke Janssen was gonna be up in there doing her usual slinky devious awesome thing; I didn't know that Lili Taylor was in it, or that Battlestar Galactica vets Aaron Douglas and Kandyse McClure were in it, or that sexy Scot Dougray Scott was in it.

But most excitingly - is anybody else getting a total homo vibe off the relationship between pretty boys Landon Liboiron (maybe you recognize him as the son on Terra Nova) and Bill Skarsgård (yup, bro of Alex) in it?

They stare at each other a lot in this trailer. A whole lot. Well fingers crossed! Eli's always used that sort of tension to good effect in his films - the first Hostel is basically a treatise on frat boy "No homo!" homosexual panic. In summation, here's the shots of Landon Liboiron shirtless from the trailer.


Anonymous said...

Werewolves? I always found them sexy. I'm gonna wait for you to watch and give us the goods ;)


Unknown said...

No I never got that vibe but I might be biased considering I spend most of my time fantasizing I'm with either of the guys, especially Roman (Bill) since I've developed quite a crush! Now that you mention it you may be right-they're both attractive and Roman was very upset when he found out Peter was with his cousin. Also Roman's sex life is somewhat erratic and erotic lol. I'm on episode 8 and I'm looking forward to more.