Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Am Link

--- Mission To Mars - Everybody had something to say on the Veronica Mars crowdsourcing explosion yesterday and a whole lot of it was nonsense, so I'm just gonna link over to all that matters - the show's creator Rob Thomas and the show's star Kristen Bell kicking up their heels with excitement about how massive and awesome the response was. Everything else is just noise. We're gonna get a motherfucking Veronica Mars movie! 24 hours ago that was not happening! Oh and here Rob addresses the international thing; they are working on it. Believe it - they want your money!

--- Quite Fonda - The Film Experience & Friends took on Roger Vadim's sci-fi camp classic Barbarella for "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" yesterday - read Nat's take on it here and see all of the images lined up beside each other (with links) here. Such a great looking time-specific thing, that movie.

--- Shake & Quake - Aftershock, that Argentinian Chilean earthquake movie produced by and starring Eli Roth, will be out in theaters on May 10th says BD. The trailer makes it look like a natural disaster spin on a Final Destination movie kinda sorta, and I am great with that. Although I hope Eli does us a solid and takes off something clothes-wise at some point.

--- Sight And Sound - The Playlist rounds up some choice quotes from a recent interview with cinematographer Christopher Doyle, in which he calls the Oscar win for Life of Pi's cinematography "a fucking piece of shit" and then proceeds to shit all over Spielberg and Lincoln too for good measure. My new hero? Perhaps. Not that I totally 100% agree with him, but I like an ornery chap, I do.

--- Picture Maker - Danny Boyle gave a one-hour interview here in NYC last night; I contemplated going but somehow listening to Danny Boyle for only an hour didn't seem worth the 20 dollar price tag. Sorry, Danny. If you were showing Trance too I'd have been there in an instant! Anyway here's a round-up of what he had to say, for all of us who weren't there because we're cheap or for other unspecified reasons.

--- Urban Defense - JJ Abrams is apparently producing a TV show about "robot cops" (you know, as opposed to RoboCops) and his sexy Star Trek star (say that five times fast) Karl Urban has just joined it.

--- Maybe Raptor - Rumor of the day: pre-production of Jurassic Park 4 has picked up and locations are being snapped up and offices are being maintained and all of this apparently implies that there's a top secret director who nobody will name running the show and everybody's assuming it's Steven Spielberg who's behind it and will end up directing the thing after all. I am totally great with that!

--- Have At Ha - Have you watched the trailer for Frances Ha as many times as I have? I seriously doubt it, my friends. Unless you're Joe Reid, he maybe has. Over at TribecaFilm he's talking about the spectacular use of the David Bowie song over it.
--- And finally, hey look it's a new trailer for Hannibal! As an aside, didja all see Bryan Fuller's tweet last night congratulating the Veronica Mars team on the movie? He hinted at the phenomenon's relevance to getting more Pushing Daisies into the world, he did - this is why this is to be celebrated y'all! Nobody has to pony up money for something they don't give a shit about. Relatedly, EW is asking us to vote on what shows we'd like to see take a stab at the VM model and you can vote for Daisies therein. I voted for it obviously - it's much more likely than either of the Whedon shows happening right now - but making me pick just one is mean. I want several of those things!



John T said...

Bryan Fuller is apparently interested in this for Pushing Daisies-wouldn't that be amazing?

Spiorad Saor said...

Hi JA. Aftershock is not an Argentinian production but Chilean.
Love your blog. Saludos.