Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And Then There Was Emory Cohen


I can't remember who it was but somebody on Twitter was raving about Emory Cohen in Derek Cianfrance's new movie The Place Beyond the Pines last night, and today I see it's Mr. Cohen's 23rd birthday, so I feel as if I should ask - who the hell is this person? He's on Smash, I see. Also - is Dane DeHaan about to make out with him in this pic below? I kind of get that feeling, but then, Dane DeHaan.

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Derreck said...

Ah, Emory.

He *was* on Smash as Leo, Debra Messing's son. For the longest time, i sincerely wondered when they were going to address Leo's mental disability on the show.

Until i realized that it was just Emory's "acting". He was unintentionally hilarious in that role. His line readings just added to the whole "Smash is a damn trainwreck" mystique.

A critic in this month's GQ says he's a promising actor and that he's probably better than Gosling and Cooper in the movie.

Oh, honey.


Anyone who watched Smash can totally back me up here.