Friday, February 08, 2013

Wing Men & Funny Women

You know what’s funny? Money problems! Nothing like a good personal financial disaster to tickle the funny bone. Or at least that’s what the makers of Identity Thief are hoping. Melissa McCarthy plays Diane, a chipmunk cheeked sociopath with a head of Annie curls atop no soul, while Jason Bateman is Sandy (hey, that’s a girl’s name!, says the movie five thousand times), the Bland Normal Guy With Hot Wife whose life she destroys in order to quench her unquenchable commercialist thirst.

Listen, if you ask me Melissa McCarthy can make anything from walking down stairs to eating ribs a laugh riot – she is an amazing physical comedienne, with total control over how she is read by the camera; she can go from dumpy to lovely with a twist of her elbows. Beyond that, she’s a fine actress to boot, and when the script decides to sell us on a hint of this woman’s humanity McCarthy sells it. The movie around her though, it’s really not doing anybody any favors...

    ... you can continue reading this review over at Celebrity Beehive, including my semi-indifference to Jason Bateman (unless he's unclothed, of course) and from there I also take a look at Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects (which I already reviewed right here) and the 3D re-release of Top Gun.

Yes, the 3D re-release of Top Gun. That's a thing! It'll be on IMAX too! Can you imagine? I feel deeply ashamed that I totally want to see all of the scenes where Young Tom Cruise is in a towel or tighty-whities in the locker-room in 3D IMAX, but whatcha gonna do? We all have our demons. 

Top Gun's getting a fancy 3D BluRay release on February 19th too, so you can watch it with the remote in hand working out your pause fast-forward rewind skills just like I did when I was a teenager...

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