Thursday, February 07, 2013

Which Is Hotter?

A pair of True Blood babe-ettes share a birthday today - Tina Majorino, also known for Napoleon Dynamite and Veronica Mars (Mac!), and Deborah Ann Woll are both turning 28. My first instinct is this will be a bit of a blow-out for Woll, who's conventionally sexier and plays the hell out of it, but I know my demographic up in here and Tina's geek girl adorability goes far, no doubt. And really, I know most of us would rather just have her eyes and be looking at these two instead...


Sean T. Collins said...

Now you're speaking my language!

JA said...

Ha yeah whenever I imply that everybody reading this blog is only here to ogle men I always imagine an invisible asterisk there that says "Except for Sean!"