Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Super Pratt

Well this was not something I imagined myself writing today... or ever. Chris Pratt, aka Mr. Anna Faris, aka Andy on Parks and Rec, aka that dude who ditched the flab to get fab in Zero Dark Thirty, has just been cast as the lead dude in the next big movie from the Marvel superhero universe, Guardians of the Galaxy. You may recall that names like Eddie Redmayne and Jim Sturgess were being bandied about for awhile - I guess they decided to be totally fucking original and awesome with their casting instead. This is the coolest news you will read this week, bar none. Cue up the Anna Faris cameo as... I don't know, geeks help me out, what female character could be in this? I'm not familiar with the Guardians a bit.Anyway this is coming from director James Gunn, who gave us Super (starring Rainn Wilson) and Slither (starring Nathan Fillion), so it's not too surprising that he'd fight for a funny dorky lead.

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seq said...

Well, at this point I think it's safe to say that if Marvel studios is brilliant at one thing, it's casting. Everyone from Tom Hiddleston to Mark Ruffalo, they never seem to miss a beat.