Friday, February 22, 2013

Seth Seth The Statue Man

Alright so The Oscars. They're Sunday, maybe you heard? There's a chance I might crap out (classy) last minute predictions some time over the weekend, but I make no promises. Except this - at some point on Sunday I will start drinking, and this will lead to tweets. Of that I have no doubt. So feel free to follow me over there if you don't already... or if you do already follow me and you've been through this before - me drinking and live-tweeting something - then feel free to block me; it can get out of hand, I know.

Anyone have any thoughts on who you want to win, who will win, et cetera?  I know MNPP isn't really Oscars Central - I recommend The Film Experience for that, Nathaniel really does a killer job - but I'd love to hear it anyway. How do we think Macfarlane will do? I was super-psyched to hear that Chenoweth news. And I love that Emmanuel Riva slapping Jennifer Lawrence's hand and snatching the Best Actress statue for herself has become a whispered-about possibility. I mean I love JLaw and she was one of the few parts of SLP that I liked, but come on. Riva's win, totally worthy, could also ease some of the non-nomination sting for Trintignant - those two's duet was a master class. Where's his "He was robbed!" chorus a la Affleck, hmm? Oh right, that's not this world. I forget sometimes.

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