Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Secret Surgeon Action Man

I guess my boyfriend missed it the first time I talked about it so when she came up in conversation last night I had the fun job of describing Toni Collette's upcoming TV show Hostages to him - I have to say, as skeptical as I am about the show, it's a lot of fun to describe. Before anything else you've got to mention that it's produced by Jerry Bruckheimer - that really sets the scene. And then, the meat - Toni Collette is a surgeon! She's picked to perform surgery on the President of the United States! Uh oh, in swoop the Bad Guys, who apparently want to use her (and her family) to get to the Prez! All of this will be done while running in a season-long slow-motion fireball of course, this being a Bruckheimer show. I'm sure it will be ridiculous, but it will be Toni Collette, so it will be watchably ridiculous, or so I hope. Now adding fuel to the watchable fire - Dylan McDermott just joined the cast as a secret service agent with... a secret! Dun dun dun. Hopefully his secret is that he's naked under his uniform.

If you hit the jump I've posted a few pics of Dylan...

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The banana GIF is.. EVERYTHING