Friday, February 22, 2013

Pondering Jimmy

I went back through my archives of James Marsden posts to make sure I hadn't posted any of these pictures before (I had not) and saw a couple of things that amused me today, but I'll get to those in a second. First the reason this post exists - didja hear that Jimmy's playing Will Ferrell's rival in the second Anchorman movie? I'm glad that Jimmy's turned to comedies as of late (even if he was sort of ultimately wasted on 30 Rock) - it gives us a chance to see him smile, and the fireworks and flower-patches bloom when he shows off all that sparkle. And he'll fit in the period aesthetic nicely - we've already seen him work it and work it well in The Box, remember. 

But that got me thinking - James Marsden really is one of those people who are just too pretty to believe as anything human. I remember this quote from Roger Ebert I think where he said that about Geena Davis - their features are magnificent things to look at on a screen but they make them seem unreal, impossible. I believe he called Geena Davis a Valkyrie, which yeah, she is a fucking Vakyrie, he is correct. So I was thinking about that when I went back through my archives and sure enough, this is a topic I have addressed before! I'd forgotten about this old poll where I asked you guys if James Marsden was even human. The winner of the poll was that he was actually a "Sexy cyborg sent back from the sexy future to help us populate the future with sexiness." It must be true!

The second funny thing I saw while going thru my Marsden Archives was the rumor from July of 2007 that there were Broadway producers looking to turn Brokeback Mountain into a stage show that would star Jimmy and Hugh Jackman. CAN YOU IMAGINE? What an idea. Obviously, this should still happen now.


Jon said...

A while ago, a friend of mine and I went for lunch at a hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant here in LA. And Mr. Marsden was sitting at the table next to us. I found his unnatural prettiness so distracting I had to position my chair so my friend was blocking my line of sight of Marsden, otherwise I would have stared at him the entire time during lunch like a crazy person. Even out here in Los Angeles, James Marsden's level of pretty is very, very rare.

Jason Adams said...

I've seen him once in person - he did a Q&A for The Box I think it was at Lincoln Center. When the Q&A was over and the crowd was moving out I somehow ended up right next to him. And yeah it's just obscene how beautiful he is. OBSCENE. I totally agree, you have to look away - he hurts your eyes he's so pretty.