Thursday, February 21, 2013

Open Your Big Mouth, James Franco

They don't even pretend to restrict access to red-band trailers online anymore, do they? I mean it was always a joke - having to enter a birth-date that in no way could you lie about! - but now it's just click and wham, boobies and blow and James Franco double-fellating handguns. Spring Breakers, yo!

Anyway I can't believe how much I want to see this movie.


MattyD said...

I happened to luck out and saw this at a test screening a few weeks ago and my goodness it was....incredible. There's one montage set to a song the characters sing, and I won't spoil any more but it's one of the best things I've seen on-screen in ages. SO FUN. (The audience I was with thought it was not at all in on the joke and they mostly hated it...idiots.)

Roman said...

Is this a documentary about what led to the collapse of our civilization because it seems like an appropriate "time capsule" for future anthropologists.

Roman said...

@MattyD: You do realize this thing was directed by Harmony Korine, right? So perhaps you're the only one in on this supposed joke because he isn't really known for subtext or deep meanings or irony.

He's nothing more than a carnival barker at a freak show, pointing his cane at the ugliest parts of society and commanding the audience to be repulsed (and shocked and titillated)and doing it with about as much refinement and subtlety as a hammer to the back of the skull.

Hell for a while there I was under the impression this thing was being directed by Larry Clark and I think that says it all.