Friday, February 15, 2013

No Safe Creatures Die Hard

While I think it's pretty safe to say that Safe Haven was not made for the likes of me (even if it's filled to the brim with Josh Duhamel's nipples), I'm still pretty curious about what the heck Richard Roeper was going on about in his befuddled review. He makes it sound like the film ends with that Hough girl dislodging her jaw and eating Josh's face off! So I ask you, the people who know, what is the late twist? I will never see the movie. Well, if the late twist is something like the late twist in Orphan maybe I will see the movie, I am not made of stone. 

Anyway that's just one of the movies out this weekend - head over to Celebrity Beehive to hear me talk about it and all the others. I'm lucky that my boyfriend's going out of town on a work trip, I can sneak off to see Beautiful Creatures without him judging me now.

In summation, Jai Courtney's chest is an awesome chest. 


Taylor The Latte Boy said...

I'm sad to say, I read this book as a bet of sorts with my best friend's 15 year old daughter. We both HATED it from day one, and it was our mutual hatred of it, and enjoyment of mocking it via text messages, that kept us going. The book is pretty much EXACTLY "Sleeping With The Enemy" with one big twist that is.......

(spoilers on)

The main girl character befriends a woman when she first moves to the town. By the end of the movie, we realize that this friend is the ghost of Josh Duhamel's dead wife.


Matt said...

Jai Courtney's chest was the best thing about Die Hard 5. Just wish we could have seen more of it!!