Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Moment In Salo

That's all I saw of the town of Salo - the town forever linked to coprophilia and sodomy thanks to Pier Paolo Pasolini - when I took my trip to Italy in 2011; we took a boat trip down Lake Garda and we didn't have time to get off in the town so I could only watch from the water for spectacles of fascist excess. It randomly struck me this morning that I never posted that picture here, though. Exciting, innit? I did post a few shots from Venice where I stalked the red-coated dwarf in Don't Look Now though. 

I think I might have dreamt about Sirmione last night, which is why my Italy trip was on my mind. Sirmione is at the southern part of Lake Garda; it's where we were headed as we passed through Salo. There are ancient Roman ruins just outside Sirmione, called the Grotto of Catullus (seen above and below), which were some of the most striking scenery we saw on our whole trip - they're on a cliff overlooking the lake, filled in with olive trees; basically you feel as if you're on the set of a Jason and the Argonauts movie. There was a storm coming in when we were there, and it couldn't have been more perfect - the wind, the water beginning to tumult around us; Neptune was going to strike at any moment!

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Oh, the lifestyles of the idly rich. How glamorous for you.