Thursday, February 07, 2013

I Am Link

--- Real Time Tom - Tom Hardy has signed on to star in a movie called Locke (which has nothing to do with the bald dude from Lost) which was written by the dude who wrote Eastern Promises, which he will also direct. The writer, I mean, not Tom Hardy. It's a real time thriller about a phone call setting off a course of sinister events. As long as they're sinisetrly naked, I'm down. Needs a naked bathhouse fight, dude!

--- Tape Two - The sequel to V/H/S has had its title changed from the somewhat clever S-VHS to the boring obvious V/H/S/2, which is even more of a pain in the ass to type. Also, it'll be showing at SXSW (as will You're Next, which I've been dying to see for ages now).

--- Fab Fellas - The first official picture of Matt Damon and Michael Douglas in Steven Soderbergh's Liberace movie Beyond the Candelabra is exactly what you'd expect - fabulous posing and golden highlights galore. I hope Soderbergh goes out on a high note, after I didn't like Side Effects.

--- End To Ant - Edgar Wright says that his Ant-Man movie has been taking forever and a day because he wanted to make Scott Pilgrim and The World's End first so he could teach himself a thing or two about making big special effects movies before moving on to something really really big. Oh that we all had such foreknowledge of how things are going to go. Oh and here are a couple new pictures from TWE, too.

--- Midnight's Coming - I need to rewatch them, it's been ages, and I was never as head over heels about them as everybody else was, but I am looking forward to Before Midnight, the third film following Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke around as they chatter from Richard Linklater. It got great reviews at Sundance. It's going to be out in May.

--- Charlize's Girl - I just got my copy of Gillian Flynn's hit thriller Gone Girl in the mail last week and it's next on my pile to read, especially after all y'all told me how good it was the other week. Now a different novel by Flynn called Dark Places is getting turned into a movie starring Charlize Theron it seems? Should I read that book too? Anybody?

--- Monster Smash - Bryan Cranston's path to world domination is taking a trip thru Giant Lizardsville - he's in talks to be in Godzilla, along with Elizabeth Olsen (Aaron Johnson is going to play the lead). Although all of this depends on a script, which they don't have yet. Frank Darabont should be typing it right this second!

--- Hell Froze Over - The first poster for Bong Joon-ho's Snowpiercer is over here. That's that "end of the world... on a train!" movie from The Host director starring Chris Evans and Jamie Bell and Tilda effing Swinton, amongst others. John Hust gets central, yet distant, placement on the poster.


BeRightBack said...

You should read all the Gillian Flynn books (there are only three) -- all of them are being adapted, and they all have potentially amazing women at their centers for actresses to embody. Also, they are very fast reads. Sharp Objects and Gone Girl are a bit better than Dark Places, but all are good and worth the little bit of time it takes to race through them.

Heather said...

I agree with BeRightBack. They are all definitely worth the read.

shaun said...

Thirded -- I'm actually especially partial to Dark Places. She does such a good job in that book conveying what it's like to grow up poor and the object of sympathy.