Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Am Link

--- The Beast - After last week's disappointing all covered up new shot from The Wolverine, this is more like it - director James Mangold tweeted this picture of Hugh Jackman rocking his ol' familiar superhero wifebeater on set, saying they're filming a "wood chopping scene." Ahh wood chopping scenes.

--- Bird Man - Speaking of mutants, if wheeling himself around as a telepathic one in the next X-Men doesn't get in the way, James McAvoy might be playing The Crow in the reboot that lost Bradley Cooper not too long ago.

--- We're All Winners - I linked over when he started so I link over now that he's finished - over at Low Resolution Joe Reid finished up his awards for 2012 with his favorite movies of the year (there are links to all the other categories at that link) and I'm surprised at how dissimilar our lists are this year, save a couple, but he certainly makes his case for 'em. And he got me to watch his number ten film over the weekend, which I'd missed, and I'll have more to say later I think but holy cow is it good. Bonus Joe - here are his thoughts on the Oscar winners, and here on Seth MacFarlane.

--- Not So Tights - Meanwhile in disappointing superhero costuming news, Andrew Garfield was spotted wearing the new Spider-Man suit on the set of that sequel this week and it is not looking nearly as thrilling in the backside department as the suit in the first movie was. Why do they hate us? I guess I have to cancel that case of Spider-Bum tee-shirts I was getting printed. (thx Jarett)

--- Princess Story - Over at Stale Popcorn Glenn rounds up The Week In Kidman, including the first official picture of Nic done up in Grace Kelly drag, his thoughts on The Paperboy which has just opened in Australia, and a lovely bonus gif of her being adorable at the Oscars.

--- Into The Woods - Bunches of pictures from The Evil Dead remake have started spreading - see some here and one more here. I dunno how they did it but I am really looking forward to this. I think hearing Bruce Campbell go on and on about it being awesome at Comic Con did it.

--- Dirty Pillows - And speaking of horror remakes, here's a new picture of Whats-Her-Face in the Carrie one. I want to believe director Kimberly Pierce when she tells us she knows what she's doing, but man this picture is awfully sexy and that worries me a lot. I suppose I've just got Sissy too firmly engrained. making Carrie White an actual blossoming thing could work, I get that.

--- Big Britches - Jamie Bell is going to star in a tv show for AMC - it'sll be about a farmer turned spy during the American Revolution. The director of the last Planet of the Apes movie is making it.

--- Super Dead - I think he was kidding but then probably not, who knows, I still hold my Anya grudge - Joss Whedon says that he's killing people left and right in the next Avengers movie.

--- And finally, Tilda meets Bowie... official-like! (thx Mark) I think David Bowie started making new music just so he could make a music video with Tilda Swinton, that is what I think.


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But that bulge from the Spiderman suit is very prominent...