Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Get Your Hands On This Hard Body

Way back in August of 2008 I called Hands on a Hard Body, the 1997 documentary detailing one of those contests where people stand around with their hand on a car until the last person standing wins said car, "the light-hearted version of They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" and that's about as apt as I could ever be, I think. It's a wonderful doc - totally captivating and rich in place and character. Well it is finally getting a DVD release, says IndieWire! It's been "unavailable" for fifteen years (I found it online though, which was how I watched it in 2008). It will be out on April 1st - hopefully this isn't a Fools' Day prank, then. I guess it's being turned into a musical too? I know that Robert Altman was going to make a fictional version of it before he died. Anyway I am totally rewatching it tonight in celebration, I haven't seen it since I wrote that old post. Any fans?


Anonymous said...

You know they're making it into a Broadway musical, right?

Rob K. said...

Always wanted to see this and putting it on my netflix queue right now!