Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And Speaking Of Downton...

... British actor Tom Ellis is rumored to be joining the cast of the fourth season in a role that would be a spoiler for me to explain (also beware the link if you don't want to be spoiled. On visuals alone, I approve, wholeheartedly. Any Brits know his deal? He's on something called Miranda now?


Steven said...

Not a Brit, but completely obsessed with Miranda Hart and her show. You should check it out. It's "such fun." Tom is great holds his own against his daffy and delirious co-stars. As it's the only thing I've seen him in, I'm quite curious to see how he'll fit into the more composed world of Downton.

bcarter3 said...

"Miranda" is the wonderful Miranda Hart, and the show just finished its third season. Oh, this show is good! MH is a large--more than 6 feet tall--woman, occasionally referred to as "Queen Kong". Before "Miranda", she was the massively inept cleaning lady in the classic Britcom “Not Going Out”, and she’s also in the non-com “Call the Midwife”, which may still be running on PBS.
“Miranda” has a lot of physical humour—she falls down a lot—and MH frequently breaks the fourth wall to let the audience know how she feels. Tom Ellis plays her love interest.
Bonus: Luke Pasqualino, of “Skins” and “The Borgias”, shows up in the second and third series as a gorgeous hotel bellhop that Miranda gets all cougar about.
Second bonus: Miranda prepares for a big date by going for a new look, but mistakenly gets it at a shop that caters to drag performers. “You could almost pass!”