Friday, February 08, 2013

All Ellen And Anna All The Time

I sorta feel like I shouldn't bother posting this news since The Playlist, where I'm getting it from, admits that both stars have other stuff to do first and so this might not happen for awhile, if ever, but it's too nifty to ignore - Ellen Page wants to make her directorial debut on a movie called Miss Stevens that will star Anna Faris. Two of my favorite ladies! Faris would play a teacher who chaperones a group of students to a drama competition, while sorting out her own personal dramas. Tone-wise I have no idea - it could go in any direction, that description. But I love Ellen Page and I love that she loves Anna Faris, who I love, enough to make her first movie with her. So much love! 

But like I said they've both got other stuff on their plates right now - Page is playing Kitty Pryde again in the new X-Men movie (although that thing's got fifty thousand characters so who knows how much of a part they have for her) and then she's playing the lead in that gay rights drama Freeheld from the director of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. And Anna is working on that TV show Mom that's giving me confused consternation.

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