Friday, January 25, 2013

Tonight's Mood

Hey remember that tribute to Elsa Lanchester happening here in NYC that I told y'all about a couple of weeks ago? It's tonight! It's not sold out just yet but it probably will at the door so if you're in NYC and you, uh, want to see a tribute to Elsa Lanchester - and if you are the kind of person who wouldn't want to see a tribute to Elsa Lanchester well I just thumb my nose at you in indignation - then you'd best get there early! If you're not in NYC then you can get by watching Bride of Frankenstein or Mary Poppins or Willard (sidenote: I have never seen Willard!), or just watch this:


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pony said...

Completely unrelated, but if you haven't seen "The Taste of Money", the new movie by Im Sang-soo (from "The Housemaid"), I think you should check it out. Kang-woo Kim is really deserving of a gratuitous post.