Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Quote of the Day

Enlightened starts its second season this weekend, you guys! I couldn't be more excited. Really I couldn't, somebody call the doctors, my heart is dribbling out of my eye sockets. There's an article about the show at the New York Times (thanks Mac) but its tone worries me - it's all about the show's low ratings and how HBO really went above and beyond giving it a second season. I mean I was surprised when they did give it a second season, but I'd gotten past it - I just want to enjoy the show, man! Don't get me freaked out right here beforehand about outside junk. Anyway here's how series creator and all around genius Mike White responds to criticisms that the show and its unlikable heroine Amy (played so brilliantly by Laura Dern) is kind of a difficult fit for broader audiences:

"I was watching ‘Homeland’ last year and people were nuts for that show and I was thinking, ‘She’s as annoying as Amy."

If ever a comment deserved a "LOL!" that is the one. I say we schedule a Dern vs. Danes freak-out-off! Oh I want that so hard.


will h said...

So excited for Girls and Enlightened back-to-back, HBO's hour of 'Watch it through your fingers' programming. Maybe my two favorite shows on right now?

JA said...

Mine too, Will! Love this bit from the end of the NYT article:

The second season of “Enlightened” will have its premiere on Sunday after the Season 2 opener of the more talked-about “Girls,” whose Season 1 premiere drew 872,000 viewers. (HBO estimates that with on-demand, DVR and repeat viewing, “Girls” attracted more than four times that number.) The first season of “Enlightened” had a tough Monday-night time slot. Ms. Naegle said she believed fans of Lena Dunham’s 20-something Hannah would stick around to watch the 40-something Amy.

“If any of the fairy dust of ‘Girls’ sprinkles onto us, I’ll take it,” Mr. White said.

Ms. Dern said pairing “Girls” and “Enlightened” is almost like a public service announcement reminding viewers to get their lives together by their 30s.

“Someone in their early 20s trying to find themselves is so much fun and crazy,” Ms. Dern said. “But stay tuned until they’re in their 40s and it becomes a cautionary tale of who you don’t want to be.”

will h said...

Haha. Love it. I want to see Hannah Horvath and Amy Jellicoe go to brunch.