Thursday, January 24, 2013

Looking To Llewyn

It's a little strange that out of all the things I could take away from seeing the first trailer for a new Coen Brothers movie that gives a bunch of prominent actors face time is a shot of a cat reflected in a subway window, but here we are. That shot is gorgeous. Anyway here's the trailer for the Coen Brothers new movie Inside Llewyn Davis, which that gorgeous cat shot is from (via):

I have to say that I'm not really sold on Oscar Isaac in general; he's been fine in the movies that I've seen him in (although I thought he was the weakest link in Drive) but I've been to two Q&As with him there and he's come off both times as totally insufferable in person. Totally insufferable.

And John Goodman is coming off a year where he gave two praised performances (in Argo and Flight) that I absolutely hated. So where are we? We're standing over here beside our beloved Carey Mulligan and Garrett Hedlund, that's where. Oh and the Coens, who have earned ten lifetimes of goodwill already. So we're there, with folk hippie beatnik bells on.


Anonymous said...

And the hayseed at the beginning is Stark Sands, who was SO good in Generation Kill.


Eve said...

You know, JA...I love your site, visit it regularly and I usually agree with your reviews (not to mention the fact we both have an unhealthy obsession with Dominic Cooper), but I strongly disagree with you here: I think Oscar Isaac was the best thing in "Drive" (the weakest link, in my opinion? Ryan Gosling and that "stoic expression" on his face throughout the entire film).

He's a fantastic actor -- I especially loved his work in Alejandro Amenábar's "Agora".

And if he did seem a bit full of himself during the event you attended, I'm not here to tell you otherwise (since I wasn't there) but...doesn't he have, at least, the talent to back that up? Also, as long as he doesn't turn into a James Franco or Gwyneth Paltrow, I'm fine with him being a little insufferable.

Jason Adams said...

I liked him in Ten Years, but I thought Rachel Weisz blew everybody else out of the water in Agora and wished she'd had some real actors to spar with. So... we disagree on this one. :) But I hope to be proven wrong with this movie, because I always want to love new Coens!