Monday, January 07, 2013

I Am Link

--- Go With God - I figured this footage would be taken down before I could ever link to it, it has that forbidden air to it, but it's still up for now - the first few seconds of footage from Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn's follow-up to Drive, called Only God Forgives. Brief kick-assery is shown.

--- Stop Wars - For the first time in recorded history, Guillermo Del Toro said no to something! And to Star Wars, no less! He admits over here that Disney called him about making the first in their new series of films about Skywalker et al but he told them he's already got enough of his own stuff on his plate. He also says he wished that Brad Bird would've taken it.

--- The Normal Start - After a moment of silence news-wise on this project, Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart is back in the green - Ryan Murphy will direct while Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo and maybe Matthew Bomer will star. It'll shoot later this year and air next. I've seen The Normal Heart and I know there's no place for this therein but man it'd suck to have Ruffalo and Bomer playing gay men in the same movie and not get a little under the covers action out of them.

--- Super Him - Hey look it's a new picture of Henry Cavill in Man of Steel. Too much clothing.

--- Get Wet - Over at TFE Nat points out what a water-logged year it's been at the movies - so much drowning and ship-wreckery!And in honor of it being three days before the Oscar nominations he singles out three of the year's best threesomes and to his number one i shout - halleluiah!

--- Basement Dweller - Bates Motel, the Psycho spin-off TV series from Carlton "Lost" Cuse and starring Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore (not to mention Mike Vogel in a cop uniform!) will premiere on March 18th. In a press conference one of its producers admits the show takes place in the present day and that they're going to be effing around with our expectations in all kinds of way. This is not your Mother's Psycho!

--- Practical Magic - In an interview with the director of the Evil Dead remake (which we just got a red-band trailer from the other day which earned our collective yelps), it's revealed that the film has zero point zero zero CG in it - all of the effects are old school. Huzzah!

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