Friday, January 04, 2013

I Am Link

--- Chatter Box - Reading through this really fine interview with David Cronenberg over at Movieline on the occasion of Cosmopolis coming to DVD next week reminded me what a fine experience listening to this man talk is. I've been fortunate enough to interview him once and to see him do Q&A's on two occasions and he's an absolutely spellbinding speaker; you cannot get enough. Here he riffs on how the Oscars are bullshit and what he thinks about 48 frames per second.

--- Golden Derby - I've gotten terribly behind linking to our pal Joe's awards season pieces at what with the holidays, so here, click here, where you will see several delights for your perusal. His takes on Best Supporting Actor and Actor are what I'm planning on spending my lunch with.

--- Little Hairy Men - Over at The Film Experience yesterday I rambled about The Hobbit and Peter Jackson a little bit on the 121st anniversary of JRR Tolien's birth. I said more about the movie there than I have here but it really hasn't inspired much of a reaction out of me beyond, "Well that was more pleasant than I expected."

--- Chew On This - I haven't picked up my boyfriend's copy of the graphic novel My Friend Dahmer (written by a guy who went to high school with the titular homosexual cannibal himself) and read it yet but he liked it and here's a review of it from my bud Sean making me think it should be the thing I read next.

--- Beasts Unbeaten - I usually like reading Capone's writing at AICN more than any of their other writers, so I'll definitely be digging into his top 50 films of 2012 list. (Even though his number one is not a movie I much liked at all.)

--- A Blonde In India - The wonderful lass Brie Larson, so funny and spot-on in The United States of Tara, is going to star in... a Bollywood musical next? Apparently. She can do anything!

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