Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Am Link

--- Kneel Before Brody - That right there's a new picture of my best frenemy Amanda Seyfried on her knees in front of I believe that's Adam Brody, for the bio-pic Lovelace, via The Playlist. Once again she's stealing all my parts!

--- Two Women - This is like the lady version of that thing I said last week about Michael Fassbender and Jake Gyllenhaal blowing each other in a alleyway - a conversation between Lena Dunham and Miranda July, aka two of my very favorite women on the planet? Why yes I will gobble that right up, thank you, Interview magazine.

--- Fur Mates - Well I guess Roman Polanski decided to go a little bit older (seventeen and a half years older) with his male lead in his adaptation of the hit stage show Venus in Fur - he's swapped out 30 year old Louis Garrel for 47 year old Mathieu Almaric. The leading lady is still Polanski's wife Emmanuelle Seigner, who is actually pretty much the same age as Almaric (they already co-starred in the fantastic Diving Bell and the Butterfly), so at least Polanski's not aging up the leading man and keeping a young lady opposite him - that's a dynamic it's best Mr. Polanski stay away from. Anyway I hope someday we get to see Hugh Dancy play the part since he played it on stage and I was too dumb to go see it.

--- Hit The Showers - Brian DePalma, ever the most delicate of film-makers (ha), is going to make a bio-pic about Joe Paterno that will star Al Pacino. Oh dear. This is going to end in tears.

--- Live Nude Boy - I saw Picnic on stage a couple of nights ago and I totally don't have anything to say about it other than what Nat just wrote about it at the Film Experience, so just read that. I suppose I could drool about Sebastian Stan's torso, but I already did that much a bunch. (Seriously though, I don't think I breathed for five minutes.)

--- Foot Work - Also at TFE, Michael counts down ten of his favorite dance scenes from 2012's movies. Great list, and lots of great also-ran's mentioned in the comments. Didn't realize it was such a dance-filled year of movies.

--- Lady Jane - I forgot that Jane Fonda blogged some; here's her writing up her Golden Globes evening. I can't decide if my favorite part is where she says she wants to work with David O. Russell or how she watched the actual ceremony in her hotel room.

--- Golden Gun - We blogged about this nearly two months ago back but I guess it's like more official now - Dominic Cooper will indeed be playing Ian Fleming, aka the writer of the James Bond books, for a UK miniseries on the telly. I hope they find some excuse to have Dom and Daniel Craig, like, make out or whatever. I'd write it into the script if I were in control!

--- Hot Boyle'd - Oh and I forgot to link to this before - also at TFE I wrote up some more thoughts about the trailer for Danny Boyle's new movie Trance with James McAvoy Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel.

--- Midnight Eats - I've been saying for years that it seems crazy to me that another Gremlins movie has never been made, so the news that they might be inching towards one (probably a reboot, not a sequel) doesn't surprise me at all. In fact, as long as they don't make shitty cg beasties, I am totally on board.

--- A Haunting - Emma Stone has signed on to star in Guillermo Del Toro's gothic ghost movie Crimson Peak, which is terrific news. We love the both of them, and she's got great big eyes the better for being spooked with.

--- High Heist - Sofia Coppola's next movie, the one about those teenage thieves who robbed famous people's houses in LA called The Bling Ring, will be out in June. It stars Emma Watson, who I love anew after Perks of Being a Wallflower.

--- Hello Mudder - Even though he made some good to great movies this year, I still don't click on links just because of Matthew McConaughey's name. It takes a lil' more. Thankfully the name Jeff Nichols is more. He directed Take Shelter. His new movie is called Mud and it stars Matt. It has a trailer now, right here. I will see this. 


bcarter3 said...

Did you watch the 6-episode "Political Animals" on USA last summer? Sigourney Weaver was the Secretary of State/ex-First Lady, and Sebastian Stan was her troubled and out gay son.

I still treasure the scene where one of his casual partners snorted coke off those incredible abs.

Jason Adams said...

I saw all of the gay scenes thanks to the wonder of the internet, but I still haven't sat down and watched PA proper-like. I had it on my DVR for months and months and fianlly deleted it because it was making me feel guilty. I'll watch it someday, probably.