Thursday, January 24, 2013

How To Kill A Remake In One Easy Step

All you've got to do is change me from being angry about the very prospect of there being a remake to being terribly terribly excited, and wham, the funding will fall right through, or some random apocalypse will happen, and the project will be dead as the metaphorical doornail. Somebody smart out there seems to have learned that my interest is usually a death knell for something's popular prospects - I tend to be drawn to flops. (I pour one out for you, Drag Me to Hell.)

And so we have the news from David Gordon Green that his remake of Suspiria - which I was once very angry about, until he announced a cast to roll around in - is all tangled up in legal nonsense from which it may never recover. Damn damn damn, Isabelle Fuhrmann can't catch a break. Me neither, it seems!

So watch out, Carrie remakers! 
 from revulsion are not a good sign for you!

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