Thursday, January 03, 2013

Good Morning, World

Well it certainly took us long enough to get a shot of Joel McHale naked, didn't it? (That nakedness in What's Your Number? is supposedly a double, boo.) And only a demure Botticelli-esque side-view at that. What a prude. And we had to scour the deleted scenes on the Ted DVD to find it, even. But I suppose it's worth it; we'll take what we can. Speaking of Ted, that's a movie I watched over the break that otherwise I probably don't have enough to say about to justify an entire post, so I'll just say read this tweet. That's really all I got. No... that's really all I wanna got. The movie's too mediocre for more effort than that. Let's hope Seth's saved some "A" material for the Oscars.

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jason said...

um...yes please! :)