Thursday, January 24, 2013

Elena in 150 Words or Less

Sometimes you watch a movie that feels so simple and straightforward and yet totally itself that it belies the complaint that there are no new stories to tell - it doesn't matter if it's a story that's been told a hundred thousand times already if you dig down deep into its purpose, showing it with a clarity that dazzles. That's how Elena made me feel. Watching it I couldn't believe I was so hypnotized by a movie the equivalent of walking in somebody's already made bootprints in knee-deep snowfall. The destination was preordained, the dots connecting you with the distance were already drawn, but every step of the way just felt so right.


Unknown said...

man, I f-ing loved that movie.

Glenn said...

So glad you liked it! Was it my recommendation?

Jason Adams said...

It was your rec that got me to watch it, Glenn - thanks! Good pick.