Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Edgar Ramirez In Vanity Fair

If you guys had any idea of the cat-burglar shenanigans that I just went through in order to get the above picture scanned out of the new issue of Vanity Fair you would give me a very long very resonant standing ovation, I promise you. But it was worth it, no? Bruce Weber took a very fine picture of Edgar Ramirez, he did. That should have been the cover, not that sexless Affleck-Stone-Cooper menage. A better scan will probably show up soon enough but for now enjoy the fruits of my shenanigans, please.

Oh and while I was trying to find that picture I found a bunch of other new pictures of Edgar, so let's look at those too, huh? Hit the jump for fourteen more pictures of Edgar and his magnificent hair. I mean he has a magnificent everything (and I do mean everything!) but his hair is just swooping looping lion mane luxuriousness...


Anonymous said...

Talent, looks and brains. Love him.

Anonymous said...

He is a great actor .... I love him...he is gorgeous ,,,,

Anonymous said...

He is smart multilingual great actor.
He keeps his long time love very private.
Lucky girl.